Articles from Megan Abbott

photograph by Greg Williams, actress Carla Gugino

Best TV Moment of 2016

Megan’s piece on the Year in Reading for the Millions.

about Megan’s Sunday Routine in the NY Times

Homage to author Lois Duncan in The Guardian

“Why Are We So Obsessed with Gymnasts?” at Elle

Megan’s essay on the movie Laura for the Library of America

Megan’s ode to actress Nancy Allen and director Brian De Palma

Megan’s Criterion Top Ten

Megan's essay in Salon on female desire and noir.

Megan's article "Friday Night Lights: An Appreciation of The Cheerleader.

Megan's review of A Curious Man for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Megan's essay in Salon on female desire and noir.

Megan's article "Friday Night Lights: An Appreciation of The Cheerleader.

Megan's review of A Curious Man for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Megan's New York Times feature on the cheerleader in popular culture.

Megan's piece on the All-American Girl here.

Megan's New York Times article on Pleasant Avenue here.

Megan's essay in Salon on Tatum O'Neal and the Plight of Celebrity Daughters

Megan's take on the classic movie, Clash By Night and Private Hell 36 on Noir of the Week

Watch the DVD release of noir classic Road House with Ida Lupino and Richard Widmark. The special DVD package includes interviews with Megan Abbott, Eddie Muller, Foster Hirsch and more.

Listen to Megan Abbott join Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards in discussing the film noir classic In a Lonely Place on a special final episode of the esteemed Out of the Past podcast series.



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